I’m very (VERY) excited to say that my fiancé and I have booked our honeymoon for next year, which means I’ll get to tick not one but TWO places off my baby bucket list! Talk about two birds with one stone! It’ll be my first ever long-haul trip and I’m… View Post

Sitting at a café overlooking the magnificent Roman arena, sipping on my first crisp, chilled glass of prosecco while feasting on the obligatory snacks that accompany it, I can hardly believe that I’m here. Verona was high up on my travel list before I even wanted to travel that much,… View Post

I’ll admit it – I like the finer things in life. I’ll choose a hotel over a hostel any day of the week, I live for fancy restaurants and indulgent spas, and I’ll never, ever, turn down a glass of champagne. But that doesn’t mean I want to spend a… View Post

It’s come to my attention that I’m getting older. I’m 31, getting married next year, and quite simply, I don’t have much time to enjoy the wonders of travel before I’ll be bringing another human into this world. And I’m starting to panic! I’ve always wanted children, but now it’s… View Post

I was bitten by the travel bug at a relatively late age. I never had the desire to go backpacking during a gap year or spend a summer at Camp America, my early holidays were mostly spent on UK soil, and bar a day trip to France, my passport was pretty much redundant until I went to Malta when I was 16.… View Post