I’ve always thought of Champneys as something of a spa-lovers’ Mecca. A place for pure indulgence, relaxation and pampering – with the price tag to match. So when I saw an offer for a half-price spa beak (HALF PRICE!), I jumped at the chance. I’m all about the luxe for… View Post

Any addict needs a source from which to feed the habit, so what’s a novice traveller going to use to soothe her wanderlust? Travel magazines! Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that it isn’t so much satiating my addiction as fuelling it – and it’s becoming an addition in itself. I just can’t… View Post

I’m very (VERY) excited to say that my fiancé and I have booked our honeymoon for next year, which means I’ll get to tick not one but TWO places off my baby bucket list! Talk about two birds with one stone! It’ll be my first ever long-haul trip and I’m… View Post

Sitting at a café overlooking the magnificent Roman arena, sipping on my first crisp, chilled glass of prosecco while feasting on the obligatory snacks that accompany it, I can hardly believe that I’m here. Verona was high up on my travel list before I even wanted to travel that much,… View Post

It’s easy to become disillusioned with your local area, particularly if you’ve lived there your whole life and have far-flung ideas of seeing the world. But, given that my next major trip probably won’t be until after my wedding next year, I thought I should feed my travel bug by… View Post