The joy of the breakfast cocktail

Is there anything better than a breakfast cocktail? No. No there is not. Arguably the only acceptable way to drink before lunchtime, the breakfast cocktail feels supremely decadent and can set you up for the day ahead – granted, often a day of drinking – and is perhaps the best possible way to toast the weekend.

I’m a huge fan of this cheeky tipple. I’ve long been a lover of the special occasion Bucks Fizz, and now that brunch is becoming even more of A Thing, I’ve discovered that restaurants have actual sections devoted to breakfast cocktails on their menus! I first noticed this in Bill’s after I’d already ordered a Bucks Fizz to go with my blueberry, banana, strawberry and bacon pancakes, so I naturally had to add a cocktail to the list as well. And it had gin in it. GIN! At breakfast! You should have seen my giddy little face.

Pancakes, coffee and a gin cocktail. Breakfast of champions.

And what about the airport breakfast beer? I fully believe that any trip needs to start in style, and an early flight should never get in the way of that. That’s why my recent trip to Italy did indeed start with a breakfast prosecco – who cares that it was 10am? – and I’m happy to say I carried that on to brunch and beyond. As I did on my return journey (well, it was my birthday after all).


Then there’s the infamous Friday Brunch in Dubai, which takes the idea of the breakfast cocktail to a whole new level. Drink stations at every corner, tequila shots on tap, watermelons full of vodka, all manner of lagers, wines and spirits ready for the taking – true breakfast excess! This was perhaps the most eye-opening experience of my entire trip to Dubai, as while I’d heard it was a party, I had no idea just how much of a party it would be. But I quickly settled into the idea…

There’s one thing I’ve never quite gotten my head around, however, and that’s the Bloody Mary. I want to be a fan, I really do, but there’s something about the idea of hot sauce first thing in the morning that I just can’t bring myself to like. I’ve set myself the task to try it though – I love a challenge after all – so I think another brunch may have to be on the cards soon. Care to join me?


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