The scratch map project

Ever since I caught the travelling bug a few years ago, I’ve wanted to get a scratch map to chronicle my adventures. Well, it’s happened! We we’ve got a Scratch the World Map from Maps International – not the arguably more popular Luckies Scratch Map, as we discovered that the latter doesn’t actually show the whole world (we wouldn’t have been able to properly scratch off places like the Maldives, for example), and we think it’s pretty stunning.

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Not our actual map – head to to buy

My fiance (now-husband) and I decided that we were going to get a scratch map as soon as we got married, so we could cross off everywhere we visit as a married couple – we toyed with the idea of crossing off places we’ve already been, but given that he’s travelled far more than I have, a lot of it would already be scratched off! So, married travelling it is, and we figured that the places we visited as a non-married couple we’ll return to at some point anyway.

We’ve been lucky enough to scratch a few places off already: the Maldives, Dubai and Italy, and of course the UK (cheating slightly but still! Although we did have a weekend visiting friends in the Forest of Dean, and hopped on over to Wales while we were at it). However, I’ve noticed that a lot of the places we’ve visited – and many that are on my bucket list – are pretty small, so we may have to visit the likes of Russia and Canada sooner than we thought! Anything to scratch those massive countries off…

Hopefully we’ll tick off a few more destinations soon, particularly as we’re now starting to plan some more travelling in the not-too-distant future. Our travels will mainly be short UK-based breaks for the rest of the year, largely as the honeymoon left us with limited holiday time remaining (as well as limited funds), but there are few things we’ve got our eye on:

  • Shepherds hut break. I’ve wanted to do this for ages, and now that we’re approaching autumn, it seems like the perfect time to book this kind of thing – is there anything better than getting cosy in front of a log burner in your very own shepherds hut when it’s freezing cold outside? I think not!
  • Champney’s spa trip. This is already on the agenda – my mum and I visited for the first time last year, and we just had to go back! Pretty sure it’s going to become an annual thing. Relaxing mother/daughter time FTW!
  • Amsterdam. Another one that’s been on my radar for ages, this one will hopefully be happening in the next few months; given that we can fly from our local airport, rather than needing to travel to London, we can easily get there and back in a weekend, no days off required.
  • Northern Lights. Iceland, Norway, Finland or all of the above – I want to see the Northern Lights, and hopefully I’ll see them soon! There are a few options we can do for this one – either go on a short break to Iceland, or go for a cruise around a few Scandinavian destinations. Time to get researching.
  • Croatia road trip. I’m not sure whether it’s the Game of Thrones influence or the fact it’s so damned beautiful, but I so so SO want to hit Croatia soon! It looks absolutely breathtaking, and I figured a road trip could be a perfect way to tick a few things off – it’s right next to Montenegro (another tick), so we could start there and go to Dubrovnik, Split, up through Slovenia and could even end up in Venice. Oh the possibilities!

So there you have it! Hopefully a couple more countries could get scratched off in the near future – again small ones, but I’ll take it – and I’m already getting excited. We haven’t quite decided where the map’s going to go yet (I’m angling for the living room), but wherever it ends up, it’s going to look pretty amazing. Bring on the travels!


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