Travel magazines – my new addiction

Any addict needs a source from which to feed the habit, so what’s a novice traveller going to use to soothe her wanderlust? Travel magazines!

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that it isn’t so much satiating my addiction as fuelling it – and it’s becoming an addition in itself.

I just can’t get enough. I’ve become drawn to the magazine aisle in supermarkets, trawling through the racks until I find the right section, hoping there’s a title I haven’t read yet just waiting for me to pick up and take home. I’ve got subscriptions I never dreamed I’d have, and I anxiously wait for the day I get home to find a new issue waiting for me.

I can think of nothing better than immersing myself in the stories of far-flung destinations, delighting in the photos and beautiful descriptions that transport me to another place. I could happily devour a whole magazine in the space of an afternoon – time permitting – and I long for the time of day when I can spare a few minutes to just curl up and get lost in the pages.

The Sunday Times Travel Magazine is my current drug of choice, although I’ve just subscribed to Lonely Planet and am eagerly awaiting my first issue. But perhaps the highlight of recent weeks was the realisation that KUONI DOES ITS OWN MAGAZINE which it sends out to customers – I had no idea this was a thing, so you can imagine how excited I was to see it sitting there on my doormat. Almost on a par with travel brochures…

And what about travel blogs? So many stories just waiting for me to dip into whenever I like. It’s dangerous (and distracting). It’s adding to my bucket list at an alarming rate, and I find myself daydreaming about going to just about every destination I read about in wonder and expectation. If only my bank balance could keep up.

But it’s a healthy addiction, right? #travelmagazinesanonymous


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